If you are interested in purchasing any of our products, or if you are interested in discussing potential new concepts, projects or solutions using inertial measurement units, please contact one of our partners below or contact us directly for further assistance.


Kenda Singapore 

AIMS have a distribution partnership with Kenda serving Singapore and its neighboring markets. Kenda is specialized not only in distribution but in also providing engineering supports in the area of Tests and Measurements and provides technical support with highly trained engineers. Kenda's markets include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Please contact Ms Wenn Tan.


Soulutions Israel 

AIMS is partnering with Soulutions in providing AIMS products to the Israeli market. Soulutions is an expert in the motion control field and provides custom tailored motion control packages to its customers. Soulutions is a leading provider to the medical devices, defence systems, printers and gimbals market segments. Please contact Mr Benny Naim


TH Tech China

AIMS have a distribution partnership with Beijing Taihang Age Technology Co. Ltd (TH Tech) serving China market. TH Tech is specialized not only in distribution but also in providing real time simulation system and bus communication system development. TH Tech focus on the aviation and automotive market. Please contact Mr Liu Dong.


AIMS looking for additional partners

We are expanding to new markets and are looking for additional distribution partners, within advanced technologies and for specific applications, who have a strong local presence with an established customer base. If you are interested in becoming an agent or distributor partner for AIMS; please contact us.