Case - Trim stabilization system

A supplier of trim-stabilizers for boats and ships wanted to create a solution with fully automatic trim-stabilizers that will significantly reduce the boats pitch and roll movements caused by high seas. An AIMS intertial measurement unit has been integrated into the customer's trim-stabilization system enabling them to offer their solution to boat and ship owners.

The main benefit is a vessel that is able to maneuver smoothly, even at rough seas, providing higher comfort for the crew, sharper turns, optimised fuel consumption, and improved safety during navigation. Numerous trim stabilization solutions have now been integrated into yachts, commercial vessels and naval ships around the world.



Case - Autonomous vehicle

A manufacturer of mining equipment developed a solution for operating unmanned vehicles in mines using AIMS inertial measurement units. Mine vehicles are now able to autonomously haul rocks undergound. 


The main benefits are:

  • Higher safety - no personell needed underground operating in a hazardous environment
  • Higher productivity - no personell manually operating the vehicles means that the vehicles can travel at higher speeds, thus increasing productivity.


Case - Active suspension system

A manufacturer of shock absorbers systems for motorcycles wanted a system that would automatically compensate for the position of the chassi during accelerations, decelerations and turns. An AIMS Motion inertial measurement unit has been integrated into the manufacturers shock absorber system offering a semi-automatic shock absorber system for motorcycles. 

The overall benefits are: 

  • Added comfort and safety for the driver
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Faster timelaps for racers.